60’s Mini-skirt Fashion is Flying the Friendly Skies Around Japan at Skymark Airlines

I never realized one of the many side benefits of living in Japan would be the short skirts and taste for pantyhose, stockings and leggings so many Japanese women love to wear. It’s a great sight for us guys to see so many sexy ladies revealing so much of their fine, firm legs, slender calves and sexy painted toes that are covered in sheer and often exotic pantyhose. If you have “a thing” for sexy legs and pantyhose, Japan is heaven.

So I was a little surprised when a new airline start-up, Skymark caught heat this week for their AD campaign featuring beautiful Japanese women in some very short skirts. I’m fairly certain they have bloomers on so I don’t expect to see bush any time soon sooooooo…what’s the big deal?

Skymark's air attendenats get my vote
Sexy legs on sexy ladies

If this pic makes you as hot as it does me, take a look at beautiful leg fetish goddess Mizuki in a much more revealing photo set.

Tokyo (AFP) – A Japanese budget airline has flown into rough air over its decision to outfit flight attendants in revealing mini-skirts, drawing criticism that it could invite sexual harassment.

Skymark Airlines came under fire from the cabin crew’s labour union, which said the super-short skirt — with a distinctively swinging sixties look — barely covers wearers’ thighs.

“We’re concerned that the design of this uniform may cause problems,” including sexual harassment, the Japan Federation of Cabin Attendants said in a statement late last month.

“The airline is saying the uniform is meant to attract more customers, but this shows the company is treating women like a commodity,” it added.

Comments posted on the union’s website said attendants would not carry out their duties effectively owing to fears about leering stares or customers shooting pictures up their skirts with a mobile phone.

The airline, which disputes the union claims, plans to introduce the uniform as a temporary promotion for the launch of domestic routes its Airbus A330 planes in the spring.

The carrier could not be immediately reached on Tuesday.

But last week, Skymark president Shinichi Nishikubo told reporters: “We won’t impose the uniform on any of the cabin attendants who refuse to wear it.”

“It is disappointing that the outfit designed in part for the ad campaign is being seen in a distorted way,” he added.


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